HCCS Felix Fragga Academic Campus

Houston Community College System

Constructed in 2009 for $18million, this project is a new 65,000 square foot academic building. The three story Academic Center building is the first phase of development on the new Felix Fragga Academic Campus. The Felix Fragga Campus Academic Campus – HCC/HISD Early College is an important component of the education concept that promotes the Community learning concept adopted by the Houston Community College Board. The Academic Center aims to link feeder elementary, middle and junior and senior high schools with the public school system to the Houston Community College (HCC). The Academic Center provides facilities for Administrative offices, bulletproofed cashier and accounting offices, multimedia classrooms, integrated IT network computer classrooms, computer lab, testing rooms, a reading center, and three scientific teaching laboratories, plus an additional third level shell space for future expansion of services.

The prime goal of this Academic Center is to allow and offer continued education and availability of advanced technical skills training to any citizen and may eventually result in higher wage earning jobs. Another goal of the Academic Center, through HCC initiatives, is to form alliances and partnerships with public as well as privates organizations to promote learning and education. The Academic Center will house the functions that allow and promote interaction with representatives of the college and offers the student as many viable options to choose from as possible. It will promote education. This Academic Center will have exterior spaces that are inviting, attractive, and encourage gathering & interaction. This helps create an environment that encourages learning, and will create a connected & proactive campus experience.

Challenges throughout the design and construction phase were contributed by the coordination requirements of the projects sundry and disparate stake holders. The architectural team was composed of a partnership between PageSoutherlandPage, who acted as the Schematic Design and Design Development contributors, and Prozign Architects, who acted as the Contract Document and Construction Administration contributors. All phases of the project were, in addition to standard regulatory components, required to comply with the Program Requirements compiled two years prior, as a basis for bond funding, and implemented by the Owner’s Program Manager, PGAL. During the CD phase of project development all designs required coordination with the Owner direct consultants for BAS (building automation and security), IT city-wide area networking, and FF&E (furniture, fixtures, and equipment). Additionally all HCCS projects retain a master planning component serviced by Landscape Architects Llewellyn Davies Shani.